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Nesting XML Report


The Nesting XML report gets sent to the server when a nest is actually created by the RIP – just before it’s sent to the RIP engine for rendering.

The report contains references to all the jobs it contains and their precise locations on the output page/roll. Because of this granular detail, we can analyse the data and work out which parts to resend if a print run gets interrupted.


Node Syntax Value Attributes
 Nest <Nest GUID=”73E00DF6-a78d-11e4-8d79-0b6bb042bd74″ Name=”Nest_MyPrinter_2015-01-09 – 10.04.30″>
Contains a list of Job nodes representing pages of jobs that are nested in this nesting job. GUID : Unique ID of the nesting job. Further printing and spooling events will refer to this GUID.

Name : Formatted string starting with “Nest_” and followed by:

  • Printer name
  • Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
  • Time 24h (hh.mm.ss)
 Job <Job Name=”imac_512″ X=”800.440002″ Y=”0″ InputPage=”4″ OutputPage=”1″>62636762-a78d-11e4-8d79-0b6bb042bd74</Job> The GUID that refers to the job from which the page is taken. The GUID of the job can by an automatic generated unique ID or a provided job ID (specified by the XML that is added to the input hot folder/connector). Name : Name of the job

X : Horizontal position from the left in 1/18th of an inch.

Y : Vertical position from the top in 1/18th of an inch.

Width: Width on the output in 1/18th of an inch.

Height: Height on the output in 1/18th of an inch.

InputPage : Page number in the originating job. 1 based.

OutputPage : Page number in the nesting job. 1 based.


<Nest GUID=”73E00DF6-a78d-11e4-8d79-0b6bb042bd74″ Name=”Nest_HP Designjet Z6100 60in Photo_2015-01-29 – 10.04.30″>
<Job Name=”imac_512″ X=”800.440002″ Y=”0″ Width=”247.5″ Height=”185.5″ InputPage=”4″ OutputPage=”1″>62636762-a78d-11e4-8d79-0b6bb042bd74</Job>
<Job Name=”Jellyfish” X=”212.440002″ Y=”0″ Width=”247.5″ Height=”185.5″ InputPage=”1″ OutputPage=”1″>631081FE-a78d-11e4-8d79-0b6bb042bd74</Job>
<Job Name=”Koala” X=”408.440002″ Y=”0″ Width=”247.5″ Height=”185.5″ InputPage=”2″ OutputPage=”1″>6466147E-a78d-11e4-8d79-0b6bb042bd74</Job>
<Job Name=”Lemonade” X=”0″ Y=”0″ Width=”247.5″ Height=”185.5″ InputPage=”0″ OutputPage=”1″>70D146E8-a78d-11e4-8d79-0b6bb042bd74</Job>
<Job Name=”Lighthouse” X=”604.440002″ Y=”0″ InputPage=”3″ Width=”247.5″ Height=”185.5″ OutputPage=”1″>727E7056-a78d-11e4-8d79-0b6bb042bd74</Job>