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Zund drivers overview

Below is an overview of the Zund driver options, the seamless integration with the pre-defined medias in Cut Center.

Driver overview and connections

PrintPrintFactory offers 4 drivers to output to the Zund cutters to suit different workflow requirements. For the illustration below we have taken the Zund G3 3XL-3200 driver.

1) Zund G3 3XL-3200 : This outputs with a direct connection to the Zund: TCP/IP or Port. 

2) Zund G3 3XL-3200 – Cut Center: This outputs to the ZCC app and the file format is .zcc. This option integrates the medias and its tool settings into PrintFactory.

How to integrate ZCC into the PrintFactory workflow.

3) Zund G3 3XL-3200 i-Cut: outputs to a folder and is generic. The output format is .cut.

4) Zund Cut center + i-cut : this is a combined driver that outputs to a Zund (TCP/IP) and Kongsberg (i-Cut file in folder).  This driver allows you to create a print job with a cut job for both Zund and Kongsberg simultaneously.

Updated on May 19, 2022

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