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Zund Cut Center RIP Queues


From V6.4.0 onwards it is now possible to make Cut Only RIP Queues for Zund Cut Center (ZCC) drivers. This means that you can submit cut files straight into a hotfolder & the file will be processed and sent directly to the ZCC Job Queue with the relevant material & tool information included in the file.


Simple – After you have added your ZCC driver to your RIP, you just need to create a queue in the usual way. In your queue you can select the media from the ZCC material database & also the registration method and tool. These settings will then be embedded into the file & sent to ZCC.

PrintFactory Cut-Only RIP Queue

After you have set up your Queue you can submit your cut files into your Queue via the hotfolder:


It will then be processed by the RIP & apply the Queue settings chosen previously, here is the ripped cut job viewed in the Job Inspector:

PrintFactory Job Inspector

Now the file has been processed we can see it automatically populate the ZCC Job Queue list with the correct media & tool settings ready to be cut:

Zund Cut Center

Now the job is ready to be cut with the pre-defined settings:

Updated on May 19, 2022

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