Viewing Job Info

You can view information about a specific job. This can be information about the job itself, but also information about the queue in which the job was processed.

To view job information, do one of the following:
  • Double-click the status indicator of the job in the Render or Print column.
  • Select a job in the Job queue or Processed Jobs list and click the Job Info button in the upper-right corner of the main printer window.
The Job Info windows that appears shows basic job information and allows to make small edits to the job. For more extensive edits use Layout or Editor.

Job Info page

The Job Info page shows that name, reference profile, used media, mode and variant and the number of copies. The number of copies can be edited.
The message pane will show information about details like how the spot colors in the job are handled, showing from which color definition source they are taken.
The preview is the actual RIPed output when the job has already been RIPed or the document thumbnail if the job has not yet been RIPed. If the RIPed output is shown the page indicator allows to flip through the output pages.
The Print Mode page shows which Media, Mode and Variant are selected for this job and which driver settings are used. In this page the changeable driver settings (not dimmed, which don’t change the color appearance) can be edited like temperatures, tension, etc. Also it is possible to select a different Media, Mode or Variant, which of course might significantly affect the output, but might be useful when a faster print mode is needed to print this job in time.

Layout page

The Layout page shows the basic layout of the job, it show where the document pages are placed on the output. This page allows basic layout changes like rotating the full job clockwise or counter-clockwise, aligning left, right or center. The basic layout changed help to match the job to the actually used media size without going back to Layout, however if marks like Fotoba are used the rotate tool might break the layout.

Correction page

The Correction page allows to make global color edits. The Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black sliders will increase the linearisation curve with the given percentage, thus are applied after colormanagement.
The Lightness slider is applied on the Reference colorspace to Printer colorspace conversion and will apply the given percentage on the CIELab-L on the mid-tone. Such a correction will usually result is slower job start as a new MX4 profile might need to be calculated.

The Print Job page shows the printing (spooling) statistics and if an error occurred during printing the details of the error.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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