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Using Templates and Placeholders

You can create document templates for creating billboards and banners, as well as photo contact sheets or photo album sheets.
  • Insert placeholders.
  • Save your file as a stationery file.
  • Use this stationery file as a template in Editor or a RIP queue.
How to create a document template

To select the placeholder tool: hold down the tiling button and the Placeholder and Crop button will show.  The slide to the Placeholder button and release.








  1. Draw placeholders for images.
  2. In the control panel of the Placeholder tool, specify the size and position of each placeholder.
  3. Specify the identifier (ID) of the placeholder.
  4. Specify the alignment of the image in the placeholder.
  5. Optional: Select the Crop option to crop the image to the size of the placeholder.
  6. In the Resize Image list, select the way the image will be resized to fit the placeholder.
  7. Optional: Select the Mark Type and Size.
  8. Choose File > Save As and save your template to the Templates folder as a stationery file (*.st3).
How to apply a document template in a RIP queue
    1. In RIP, double-click the queue you want to apply the template to.
    2. Click the Layout tab.
    3. Select your document template from the Template list.
Overview on Resize options
Overview on Mark Types
Updated on May 19, 2022

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