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Using a Tiling Template

Tiling templates can be useful for special applications which require multiple tiling configurations.
Vehicle wrapping, for example, usually requires different materials (e.g. self adhesive vinyl and one-way vision material) and a mirroring of the tiles (for each side of the vehicle).
How to setup a tiling template
    1. Set up the tile properties as explained in “Creating Tiles” on page 33.
    2. Click the Edit template button on the control panel to enter a name for the tiling configuration(e.g. “Vinyl”).
    3. Click OK to save the template.
    4. Duplicate the template by using the copy button and enter a name for it (e.g. “One-way vision”). Both templates are shown in the drop-down list on the control panel.
    5. Modify each template according to your requirements, e.g. deactivate the tiles that do not need to be printed by clicking them once. (Deactivated tiles are grayed out.)
    6. Optional: To create a mirrored version of an existing tiling configuration, click the Mirror Tiles Vertically button or the Mirror Tiles Horizontally button on the control panel.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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