User Rights


User rights settings allow to control certain users access to various levels of functionality with the applications.

There are 3 types of operation defined:

  • Basic (default) : One user setup; no restrictions.
  • Multi-user : Multiple users; access rights defined for functionality in the cloud, on-premisis (desktop) no restrictios.
  • Access control : Multiple users; access rights defined for all functionality (cloud & desktop).

Initial installations start using the Basic type; where the person registering the software is assigned both the Owner-role and Admin-role. The Owner will always have Admin rights but others can be given Admin rights too, there can only be 1 Owner.

Available from Version V6.6.0 onwards.

What levels exists

There are 4 levels of access rights.

  • Admin – Change Configuration : This user is allowed to add and modify printers, cutters and do other important changes.
  • Manager – Create and modify profiles : This user is allowed to create and modify PMMs and other typical color-guru stuff.
  • Operator – Modify color- and queue settings : This user is allowed to modify queues and color-management settings (default profiles, etc).
  • Operator – Tune profile and spot colors : This user is allowed to add/remove/modify spot colors and tune PMMs.

How to change rights

A. To enable user-rights for an account the owner of the account needs to:

  • log into (Hub) and go to his/her profile menu at the bottom left of the screen > Account.
  • Tick: “Access control” and then confirm by clicking “Update”.

B. To revoke or assign rights:

  • In Hub, go to Users
  • Click on the Wheel and select Details
  • tick or untick certain levels of access based on user level above.

C. Apply the rights:

The third step is to launch Software Manager and click “Update”.

  • Open Software Manager via Program Files\PrintFactory (Windows) ro Applications > PrintFactory (Mac)
  • And select Update

This updates the license and invokes the access control functions on the desktop Software.

D. Finally, user needs to log in. This can be done via either: RIP, Editor, Layout and Calibrator Preference window. It opens Hub to Authenticate the user. The user stays ‘Logged in’ untill the “log off” button is clicked.

Keep in mind that by default all users will have the above rights.

Updated on June 30, 2023

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