Upgrade to Version 6

It is vital to upgrade to the last release of version 5, before attempting to upgrade to version 6.

This means that you will have to upgrade your software to version 5.0.21, before going to version 6.

If you are running version 5.0.18 or earlier you will need to download and manually install version 5.0.21.  The installer can be downloaded from the Downloads page in app.printfactory.cloud.  Please check on in our Help Centre  if you have any queries about doing this.

If you are running version 5.0.19 or 5.0.20 you can automatically upgrade using the software updater, see below.

Before Upgrading

Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the improvements within version 6, as some of the processes have changed, especially with the RIP user interface, and the Software Manager, which now gives you more control of your license and settings. More information is available from our Help Centre on these improvements.

Please ensure you have a backup of the Printer Preferences and all of the PMM’s from Calibrator.

Upgrading to version 5.0.21

For users running version 5.0.19 or later the process to upgrade can be triggered from the Software Manager. It does not require any uninstall, and should be automatically performed by clicking update and walking through the short process, as long as you have a valid subscription and you follow the correct release order.

  • Open Software Manager
  • Click Update, to make sure the version has all the updates.


  • Click Install
  • The Manager will download and install the update and confirm success.


Upgrading to version 6 from version 5.0.21

If you have version 5.0.21 running then it is possible to upgrade to version 6.

  • To do this, repeat the above process, clicking the update button.
  • A license warning message will appear highlighting that this process is not reversible


  • Click Yes, and the upgrade will complete.


  • The Software Manager will then show as PrintFactory 6.

Should you experience any problems please contact our Support Team through your online ticket system and they will assist you if required.

Updated on May 19, 2022

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