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Update or upgrade to the next version

How to update or upgrade your RIP software to the next version

Before you update your PrintFactory / ProofMaster RIP you must make sure all currently running PrintFactory/ ProofMaster applications are closed. You will need to save any unsaved work in Editor, Layout & Calibrator, and also make sure your printers have finished processing and printing any outstanding jobs.

If you have a license server that is in a separate location to your RIP, it is recommended to update the license server first before the other workstations. This will then make sure that when your RIP is updated, the communication to the license server will be automatically restored.

Where to get the installer?

First you need to download the installer from your Cloud account, or ask your support representative for the latest installer:


Running the installer:

Once the installer is downloaded, you can go ahead and close all running PrintFactory applications ready for the install of the next version.

If you are operating on macOS, you should also remove the existing applications from your dock before you proceed, otherwise you will end up with multiples of the same application:

macOS Dock

Now you are ready to install, double click the installer to begin. The macOS installer will be a .pkg format and the Windows installer will be .msi. Follow the onscreen instructions in the installer wizard to complete the installation.

Windows OS

Click Next.

Read and agree the license agreement & then click Next.

Choose which applications to install – it is recommended to install all apps.
You can also change the installed location, however it is recommended to
leave at the default.

Click Install.

If any outstanding applications need closing, you will be prompted here.

On Windows, you will be prompted to install some FTDI drivers, it is important to complete this wizard too.

Click Next.

Accpet the license agreement & click Next.

Click Finish

Now the install is complete, you can click Finish

After you click finish the activation wizard will pop up, you can close this if your license is already activated (it will be unless this is your first installation) or if your license is activated elsewhere:

License activation wizard – This can be closed if your license is already activated.

After you have closed the license activation wizard, the Software Manager should appear with your license information, including the current build your are running:

Now your install is complete you can go ahead & re-open your RIP and other applications. When you re-open the RIP, your resources database will be restored and then your RIP will open:

Restoring database

After the database is restored, your RIP will open:

PrintFactory RIP

Now you have updated the RIP, you should go ahead and follow the same procedure on all other workstations running PrintFactory, it is important that all workstations are operating with the same version.

Updated on May 19, 2022

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