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True Shape nesting in V6.4

The Layout module in V6.4 contains a new True Shape Nesting (TSN) functionality.  TSN is fully refactored maximising nesting positions and options offering increased nest efficiencies.  By presenting the end user staged nesting results and waste information whilst continuing to calculate, speedy and informed decisions are made.


Below are the steps described or, click here to watch the video.

1. Cut Contour

The TSN is based on Cut Contour nesting , therefore, each file requires a cut layer or a spot color that can be mapped to a cut tool.

Mapping a spot colour and either be done in Editor or directly in Layout in the Cutting Tab.

2. Image spacing

As the new TSN algorithm nests based ont eh Cut contour, depending on the bleed in the file, it might be desired to set up image spacing to prevent bleed overlap.

3. Create TSN nesting preset and nest

  • In Layout, in the Alignment / Nesting window select + to create the TSN preset.
  • Rename the nesting preset, select True Shape and set the rotations -> OK
  • drag the images on the canvas, set the amount and then select Nest
    -> As the nesting algorithm starts calculation, the various results offering increasing degrees of efficiency are shown and an option can be accepted at each stage.

Updated on May 19, 2022

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