Creating Tiles


Editing Tiles

You can double-click a tile to access the Tile Properties dialog, where you can edit the tile’s size, coordinates and overlaps.

Printing Tiles

How to print tiles
  1. Choose File > Submit Job.
    The tiling job is displayed in the Layout tool for final adjustments before printing.
  2. Select the Media Size and set the Margins.
  3. Select a nesting strategy from the Align / Nest panel, for example Easy Cut – Free and click the Nest button to apply the strategy.
  4. Optional: Select the option Individual Pages if you want to print each tile as a separate job.
  5. Optional: On the Marks panel, you can use the Tiles options to add Alignment or Overlap Lines.
  6. Check the Driver Settings to ensure all required cutting options are set.
  7. Click single tiles to display an additional control panel which allows to modify each tile separately, for example, to scale or rotate individual tiles.
  8. On the Cutting panel, select your cutter and the cutter dependent parameters.
  9. Click the Submit button in the top right corner to send the job to the RIP.


Updated on May 19, 2022

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