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Tiling Label Positioning and Report

From PF V6.2.1 (9900) onwards the Tile Label Positions and reporting options have been extended.


Tile labels can now be added to top and bottom of the image and the tile positioning report is added to the queues and thus available for jobs submitted through hot folders.


Tile label positions

  • In a Tiled job, in addition to the left or right position, you can now add the Tile label to either the top or Bottom position of the tile and choose whether the Tile Label is placed inside the image or outside the image.

Tile positioning report

In addition to the Saving of the tile positioning report from Editor (Edit -> save Layout) the Tiling report can now also be set in the queues.

In RIP, double click the queue and select the Tiling tab in the properties.  The image below shows where you set the location for the tile positioning report.

Tiling report location


Example of Tiling report





Updated on May 19, 2022

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