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swissQprint Karibu – Configuration setup

When installing the swissQprint karibu driver in the RIP, the specific content for this driver (e.g. ink channels, print modes,..) needs to be obtained from the configuration file created on the Lory Front-End of the printer.

After adding the driver to the RIP, a generic configuration file, named: swissQprint Karibu.sqpe is installed in 2 places:

  • in the output folder of c:\\users\shared (or public)\printfactory\caches\swissQprint Karibu\
  • in Applications or Program Files\PrintFactory\bin\Drivers\swissQprint folder

This swissQprint karibu.sqpe file needs to be replaced in both locations with the same file found on the Lory Front End in order to match the ink configuration and print modes used for that Karibu printer with the RIP.

Updated on May 19, 2022

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