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Cutting Kiss and Flex paths in one file on Summa S2 Series


This procedure explains how to set up the Summa S2 Class cutter to Kiss cut and Flex cut in one process.


1. The File:

Ensure the file has two separate cut layers, one for Kiss cutting and the other for Flex cutting. It is usually expected that the Kiss cutting will be performed first, followed by the Flex cutting.

An example of such a file opened in Editor:


For more information on mapping spot colour to cut tools, please visit: Mapping Spot Color to Cut Contour.

2. Layout/Editor Settings:


In the cutting tab in Layout, make sure you set the following:

    • Use Barcode – Ticked on.
    • Feed: Begin.
    • Sorting: Speed.
    • Use OPOS XY – Ticked on.
    • Use Software Setting – Not ticked.


    • Layer 1 = Print.
    • Layer 2 = Kiss Cut.
    • Layer 3 = Flex Cut.
    • Use OPOS XY(driver settings) – Ticked on.

3. The Settings on the cutter front panel:

  • Load your printed job into the cutter and set the correct Flex Cut pressure/ velocity/ length parameters.  These will vary depending on the material you are cutting. For more information on these parameters, please refer to your Summa User Guide.

Below an example of these parameters to cut a non laminated Self Adhesive Vinyl:

Full pressure = 180 
Flex pressure = 100 
FlexCut velocity = 200 
Flex pressure cut length = 1.000mm 
Full pressure cut length = 10.000mm
  • Apply the following settings:
    • FlexCut mode = OFF
    • Tool Commands = Accept (Settings –> Communication –> Tool Commands)

Note: You should also make sure the cutter has been updated to the latest firmware release and you are running the latest release of PrintFactory.





Updated on May 19, 2022

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