Summa S2 OPOS-Cam

The Summa S2 OPOS-CAM model requires the use of the Summa Cutter Control software, it cannot be driven directly from the PrintFactory RIP unlike the OPOS sensor models. This is because it has a camera instead of a sensor to read the marks and barcode. The camera feed is sent directly by USB to the Summa Software. The same driver is used for OPOS Sensor or OPOS Cam, you just need to use the folder output instead:

Summa S2


The output folder should be the same folder that the Summa Cutter Control barcode server is searching for cut files. PrintFactory will output two cut files at 0 and 180 degrees orientation, this means the user can load the cut job into the Summa in either direction & the OPOS-CAM will read the barcode and retrieve the cut file. Tool methods and parameters should be set in the Summa Cutter Control application.


  • Summa S2 with OPOS-CAM requires a USB connection, ethernet is not available.
  • Summa Cutter Control is only available for Windows OS, macOS version is not available.

In case of problems:

  • Ensure you have the latest Summa USB drivers installed, these are available on the Summa webpage.
  • Ensure you have the latest version of Summa Cutter Control.
  • Ensure your Summa Cutter firmware is up to date.
  • Disconnect other camera devices from the PC.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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