Summa Cutter OPOS Barcode


PrintFactory supports the use of the Summa OPOS Barcode. There’s a built-in Summa Barcode server embedded in our software which is in use if the cutter is connected directly to the RIP by USB or TCP/IP. When a print & cut job is created (See here) the RIP will receive a cut job that will contain the path and tool information required to cut the job.


The print job will contain a unique barcode that will be printed at the top and bottom of the job. The user can load the print job into the cutter in either orientation and when the cutter reads the barcode it will recognize the orientation of the job.

To start the cut job via the OPOS Barcode, the user should click the ‘Actions’ button and then the ‘OPOS Barcode’ button on the cutter front panel. The cutter will then instruct the user to place the tool beneath the first barcode and from there it will search and find the barcode on the print job. After it has read the barcode it will automatically retrieve the corresponding cut job from the RIPs cutter queue and start to cut the job. After the cutting has completed the cutter will then search for the next barcode on the next print job, if there is no other print job it will stop.

Note: Cut jobs will stay on Hold in the RIP if the cutter is directly connected. If folder output is used they will not stay on hold but instead they will output to the folder immediately.


The Summa OPOS-CAM is slightly different as it requires the use of the Summa Cutter Control software, it cannot be driven directly from the PrintFactory RIP. This is because it has a camera instead of a sensor to read the marks and barcode. The camera feed is sent directly by USB to the Summa Software. When installing your OPOS-CAM cutter into PrintFactory, you should set it to folder output.
  • The Summa Cutter Control software is only available for Windows OS. 
  • Summa Camera Control option only works with a USB connection.
What to do:
  1. Download the latest USB driver for your Summa, from the Summa Website.
  2. Be sure to install this driver. Use the Summa information to do this.
  3. Be sure to install “Summa Cutter Control”
  4. Set up your PrintFactory RIP to output the cut jobs to a folder that is accessible by Summa Cutter Control.
In case of problems:
The camera is taking a lot of resources of the pc, so make sure to check following items:
  • Do not use USB extension cables
  • Do not use additional USB-hubs
  • Use the original USB cable delivered with the Summa Plotter
  • Do not connect external USB HD on the computer.
  • Make sure no other Camera devices ( imaging devices ) are connected or active on the pc. Check this in the device manager.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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