Summa OPOS

General information about OPOS Barcode:

  • Sending an OPOS job from the Editor to Printer and an OPOS cutter will result in two unique jobs, one in the printer and one in the cutter queue.
  • The print job contains a unique barcode and the cutter job also has this barcode information inside.
  • The cutter job will be put on hold by default.
  • When the cutter reads the barcode the corresponding job can be activated.
  • It’s very important for this system that there is an unique combination of printer and cutter job.
  • When a barcode Job is finished the plotter will try to find the next Barcode. If found this job will automatically start cutting. When the last OPOS job is cut A barcode reading warning will appear on the display of the Plotter. Just push enter to remove this warning.
  • So it’s important to know the start of a barcode Job is done by the Media Alignment function on the plotter.
Summa S-Class

This part concerns the models:

  • S75 D/T
  • S120 D/T
  • S140 D/T
  • S160 D/T

For the use of OPOS Barcode we refer to the Summa manual (scl_en.pdf) chapter “3.4.3 OPOS Barcode”

Summa SummaCut

This part concerns the models:

  • D75 S/SE
  • D120 S/SE
  • D140 S/SE
  • D160 S/SE

For the use of OPOS Barcode we refer to the Summa manual (sc_r_en.pdf) chapter “3.4.3 OPOS Barcode” and it’s reference to section “3.3.6 Registering the Markers”

The OPOS-CAM option for Summa Plotters developed by Summa.
The Solution that Summa created does only need Opos compatible software.
  • The Summa Camera Control software is only available for window. Please also setup the Rip component driving the Summa on the same windows computer.
  • Summa Camera Control option only works with the USB connection.
What to do:
  1. Download the latest USB driver for your Summa, from the Summa Website.
  2. Be sure to install this driver. Use the Summa information to do this.
  3. Be sure to install “Summa Camera Control”
  4. Be sure to have “Summa Camera Control” running while your sending the Opos jobs to the Summa.
In case of problems:
The camera is taking a lot of resources of the pc, so make sure to check following items:
  • Do not use USB extension cables
  • Do not use additional USB-hubs
  • Use the original USB cable delivered with the Summa Plotter
  • Do not connect external USB HD on the computer.
  • Make sure no other Camera devices ( imaging devices ) are connected or active on the pc. Check this in the device manager.
  • Make sure no programs that make use of web camera is running in the background ( msn, Skype … ) this can interfere with “Summa camera control”
  • Make sure to first close “Summa camera Control” before switching OFF the machine or removing the USB cable. If you do not do this the camera will be unsafely removed and could give communication failures.
In case al this information does not result in a working OPOS-CAM system please contact Summa support for extra help.
Updated on February 24, 2019

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