PrintFactory Subscription

PrintFactory is being delivered in 2 ways:
  1. Full subscription (SaaS, availability depending on region)
  2. Owned product copy with services subscription
The Full Subscription (SaaS) delivers the full product and services without an upfront investment, except for the installation fee charged by the dealer. However when the subscription is stopped both the product and services are stopped.
With the Owned Copy with Subscription a product copy is bought and a lower subscription fee is used to deliver the updates and services. When the subscription is stopped the services are stopped and the product is frozen in the state is at the end of the subscription.
The subscription plan consist of:
  • PrintFactory product
  • Updates and upgrades
  • Support
  • Free driver swaps in the same category
  • Cost calculation (ink, media, time)
  • Production data insight and reporting
  • Cloud backup and sharing of profiles and configurations
  • Unlimited RIP computers
  • Unlimited Layout and Editor seats (Production and Automation plan)
  • Web to Print / MIS connector (Automation Plan only)


PrintFactory is delivered in a few flavours. Each of them come with almost all tools and profile creating tools included. All plans are scalable and seamless networking. So no matter how many RIPs, pre-press stations or other components are installed they work together as one managed application.
The price of the plan is influenced by 2 elements:
    • Tool set (Focus/Production/Automation)
    • Size (Number of connected printers)


The Commercial plan includes support for small and large format printers and support for roll-cutters. It does include Editor, Layout, Calibrator and PrintStation components.


The Industrial plan includes next to the offering of the Commercial plan support for wide format industrial printers and flatbed-cutters with optical registration systems. It additionally includes True Shape Nesting, Variable Data processing and Interior Decoration tools (Textile options)


The Production plan includes next to the offering of the Industrial plan the option to automate using XML/JDF and a single connector to all RIPs (on all sites) for 3rd party workflows, Web-2-Print and MIS/ERP systems. The Production plan does not charge additionally for the number of used RIPs and Layout instances (flat fee).


The PrintFactory services are referred to under the name PrintFactory Cloud and is a collection of tools that is available in The Cloud and therefore accessible from any location and any device (computer or tablet).
Each PrintFactory RIP has a bi-directional connection to the PrintFactory Manager allowing it to store production data and logs, backup all resources (profiles, etc) and share them with the other installations.
For PrintFactory Production plan user it is also allow to connecting 3rd party workflows, Web-2-Print solutions or MIS/ERP systems to the PrintFactory Manager. This allows those systems to access all data stored and to inject and track jobs.

Updates and upgrades

As of PrintFactory 5 the product is no longer delivered as individual payable updates and upgrades. Therefore the version number has no significant commercial meaning anymore and is used only to determine which iteration of the product is installed.

PrintFactory is delivered as a series of smaller updates, usually once a month, allowing us to roll-out a new feature as soon as it is available. Instead of holding back on it in order to be able to create a bigger payable update.
All updates are automatically distributed through the PrintFactory Manager connection. The roll-out of updates can again be controlled from the PrintFactory Manager interface to avoid unexpected changes.


The dealer delivers on-site and phone support. Additional charges may apply depending on the response level (SLA). All users get access for one or more employees to the support portal of the PrintFactory Manager. This support portal offers web based support which is initially handled by your own dealer (1st line) but is fully backed by the regional Aurelon support departments (2nd line) and eventually the engineering support (3rd line). This ensures that always all expertise is available, combined with the local staff of the dealer who can deliver quick response support.

Driver swaps

Drivers can be swapped in the same category (small, large format, wide format) without any additional charge or change in your plan. No matter how many times you replace your printer or cutter. So whenever you invest in a new printer, trading in your old device, you won’t get any additional charge from our side. Check the Driver & Profiles page on the PrintFactory Manager to see in which category your old and new printer are.

Cost calculation

Each job that is printed through one of the connected PrintFactory RIPs is recorded in the PrintFactory Manager including the media used and time used. Along with the ability to set-up price-list for your media and ink and the ability to calibrate the ink usage (to take cleaning and other ink consuming actions in account) the PrintFactory Manager reports detailed cost information of each job.


Live Dashboard

PrintFactory Manager shows a live dashboard with an overview of all the printers and cutters on all sites. It shows the usage, state, current job in production and jobs waiting to be produced.


All connected PrintFactory RIPs send details reports on their activities to the PrintFactory Manager. This data can be access by queries generating PDF reports of export to Excel (XLS) for further processing.
The reports include usage hours, off-line/down hours, ink usage, media usage, etc. over a given period of time and a selection of printers allowing also to compare the performance of individual printers.

Backup & Sharing

All configurations and resources like profiles are automatically backed up in the cloud and shared among all connected RIPs. A modification done on a profile, template or other resources is automatically synced with all other RIPs so that they all use the same version of the resource. This make managing multiple RIPs seamless and effortless.

Each modification is stored as a revision, so accidental wrong changes can be rolled back to a previous version of the profile or other resource.

The total configuration of all RIPs on each site can be managed from the PrintFactory Manager and always reflects the current state as each change is automatically backed up.


Connector (Automation plan)

As part of the Production plan a gateway is opened to the data and resources in the PrintFactory Manager. This Cloud based connector gives access to all data and each individual instance of the RIP from an external application. Allowing to subscribe on certain data and being it automatically being pushed to your systems or the other way around injecting jobs and files/resources to any of the connected RIP instances.

Unlimited RIPs

To be able to have a scaling capacity, potentially using automatic scaling VM machines, that grows with your capacity needs there is no restriction on the number of connected RIPs. So if a data hungry printer needs multiple RIPs to feed it, there is no limitation to (dynamically ) scale up and distribute the load over more computers.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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