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The Step and Repeat function allows users to create multiple copies of a pattern to create textile prints. It is available in PrintFactory Layout and it can be accessed from Window menu > Textile Step Repeat or by clicking on the Step and Repeat tool.


Note that this functionality is available only when opening PrintFactory Layout standalone or when launched from PrintFactory RIP. This functionality is not available when sending jobs from PrintFactory Editor as it has its own more advanced Textile Step and Repeat functionality.
The following settings are available from the Textile Step and Repeat palette:
 Fill Area Total media size (on the x-direction and y-direction) to be covered by the repeated pattern.
 Repeats The number of repeats of the image (on the x-direction and y-direction) on the media.
 Spacing The gap (on the x-direction and y-direction) between the copies of the image.
 Offset The offset of the first part from the top-left corner of the job.
 Repeat type Different repetition type that can be used to create multiple copies for a same job. Different combinations of half-drops and reverse are given. The drop step is set using the parameters below.


NOTE that the the first tool turns off the Textile Step and Repeat functionality.

 Drop% and Drop size The offset of the alternating rows or columns (depending on the Repeat type) relatively to the previous ones (half-drop or partial-drop). It can be expressed either in a fraction (percentage) of the size of the original part or in a distance (drop size).
Updated on May 19, 2022

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