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Color Tool Mapping – Case2

Map a CMYK color to a Custom Spot

In this example we need to make a specific tweak, we would like to make the red in the image 100% M + 100% Y. In order to map the spot, we will have to create the custom spot first. We will call it ‘Ruby Red’

Lets first look at the original PDF:

We have a CMYK red that will be defined by the ISO Coated v2 output target profile. Our color mapping will map the CMYK red to a custom 100% Y + 100% M spot color that will address the printer inks directly.

  1. Create the spot color:
    1. Go to the Color palette: Window -> Color
    2. select CMYK and input the desired values

    3. Drag the red color from the Color palette onto the Color List palette inside the ‘Document color list:’

    4. Double click the spot and rename it. The custom spot color is now created and can be mapped.
  2. To Map the custom spot to the image, follow steps in Case 1. from step 4 onwards.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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