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Color Tool Mapping – Case 3

Map a Custom Spot to a default output Channel

In this example we want to create a color mapping which will map the spot color WIT to the White ink channel of the printer.

In our example PDF we have a spot called WIT

To create and save a Spot mapping for WIT to White channel:

  1. Go to Window -> Color List
  2. Browse to Custom Colors
  3. Open drop down on right hand side and select New Color Mapping and rename
  4. Drag and drop the White Spot color onto the WIT object in the image and confirm the mapping.

Result in Output palette: WIT of image is now 100% White and the WIT is no longer present.

Note: the manual Spot Mapping to Output Channel is an easy option for mapping existing spots in the file to an output channel. However, these can not be stored.

Updated on May 19, 2022

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