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Color Tool Mapping – Case 1

Map a CMYK color to a Library Spot color.

In this case, the orange border and logo have been flattened and the orange is converted to CMYK. We wish to turn it into a PANTONE spot color.

To do this, we will create a Color Mapping:

  1. Open the Color list palette: Window -> Color List
  2. Browse to the library that contains the desired spot color:

3. Select the drop down menu and select New Color Mapping and give it a specific name and click OK to create the color map.
Note: Color maps are stored and are reusable, so having a recognisable name is handy:

4. To map the spot color, drag the spot from the color list and drop it directly onto the area in the image that needs to be replaced.

You will then see a pop up window confirming that you wish to map the original color to the new color, in this case ‘58% M 71% Y’ to Pantone 158 C:

You have now created a color map. If you wish you can continue to add further colors to the same color mapping by continuing to drag and drop more colors.

Result after mapping the CMYK orange to PANTONE 158 C

Future work:

The next time you come across artwork from this client, you only need to enter the color list drop down menu and select your previously made color mapping and the edits will automatically be applied:

Updated on May 19, 2022

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