Spot Color Tuning

Spot colors can be manually fine-tuned to meet special requirements or to improve the visual match. The spot color tuning is performed by means of a visual chart which displays several variations of a selected spot color. After printing the chart, you can decide which patch fits best, select the patch and have the software adjust the spot color values automatically.
Printing a spot color tuning chart in PrintFactory Calibrator.
How to tune a spot color
    1. Select a spot color from the Spot color pane and click the Tune button.
    2. Move the slider from Fine to Coarse to increase the patch variations.
    3. Click Print to print the displayed patches.
        A job named “SpotColors” is added to the print queue.
    4. Check the printed patches and patch matches your reference spot color best.
    5. Select this patch on the displayed patch field and click OK.
        The values of the spot color are automatically updated.
    6. Click the Save button on the toolbar above the Spot color pane to submit the changes.
When tuning spot colors for a PMM with White ink, you can also apply White to the tuning chart with the same methods available in the Generate White dialog of the Editor.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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