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Automatic update check for PrintFactory software and printer profiles

Updates for PrintFactory software and printer profiles are always checked automatically, when the computer is connected to the internet.
When there are updates for printer profiles or software available, you are asked to download them now or to update later;
  1. Select Install Update to update immediately and follow the instructions displayed on your monitor.
  2. Select Remind Me Later, when you want to install the update the next time, when an automatic check is done, or when you want to install manually.

Manual update for PrintFactory software

Proceed as follows:
  1. Make sure that there aren’t any jobs in progress, because PrintFactory will automatically quit when updates are installed.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • In Microsoft Windows, choose Help > Software Update.
    • In the Mac OS, choose PrintFactory RIP > Software Update.
  3. Follow the instructions displayed on your monitor.

Printer profiles can be updated only automatically


Controlling the Automatic Update

The automatic updates can be turned ON or OFF from the support site. The option can be accessed by following the below steps:
  1. Login on the support site
  2. Go to the Personal Licenses page
  3. Go to the license page for which you want to change the way automatic updates are handled.
  4. Select the Manage license option
  5. Set the desired value for Auto update :
    • ON – When a new version is available, the Automatic Update pop-up will be shown at the startup of any PrintFactory application
    • OFF – The check for a new version will not be performed at the startup of the applications. Also, the updates will be turned off when checking for updates manually.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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