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Setup environment for profiling

Preparing the printer, media and spectrophotometer

  1. Prepare the following items:
    1. Printer, of the target model, and connected to the RIP computer
    2. Media, of the target type
    3. Spectrophotometer, of a supported model 
  2. Turn on the target printer and perform a nozzle check.
  3. Start RIP.
  4. Set up the spectrophotometer
    Configure the spectrophotometer for use by Calibrator, if necessary.

PrintFactory displays Lab values, but actually uses spectral data to perform linearization. You must use a spectrophotometer to input spectral measurements of linearization targets. Colorimeters do not provide spectral data. On Windows PCs, driver software for the spectrophotometer must be installed on the computer to which the printer is connected.

There are many spectrophotometers compatible with PrintFactory:-


Updated on May 19, 2022

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