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Setup and tune named colors

 Setup a named Color

Proceed as follows:

  1. In the Calibrator, Open the Mode to reveal the PrintSettings and Spot Colors.
  2. Highlight the Spot Colors icon and click Add Spot Color ‘+’.calibrator-add-spot-color
  3. ‘Add Spot Color’ panel
    This gives three ways of entering the ‘value’ of the spot color.
    CIELab, CMYK and by measurement of an existing sample with a photo spectrometer.
  4. Name the Color to exactly match the artwork color, this is even ‘cap’ sensitive.
  5. Select CIELab or CMYK if entering the value manually.
  6. Add the numeric data.
  7. Define the Opacity required.
  8. Click Apply to add to the Spot Color Library.

The process can be repeated to add another color by clicking the ‘+’ button.
To remove the color click the ‘-‘ button.
If the color is to be measured then please follow the device’s instruction and click ‘Measure’ to add the value.

Note, if your profile contains special colors, then the spot color can only be added in Lab values.  The CIElab and CMYK will be greyed out.

 Tune a named Color

Proceed as follows:

  1. In the Calibrator, Open the Mode to reveal the PrintSettings and Spot Colors.
  2. Highlight the Spot Colors icon and click Spot Color to be Tuned.
  3. Click the Tune dialog.
    This Spot Tune panel has four specific areas.
    The main grid gives a preview of the choices as defined. The grid is built with coordinates to locate the swatch, Letters along the top and Numbers down the side.
    If the cursor is moved over this grid then the values are displayed. It is possible to scale the preview by clicking along the bottom the ‘+’ scales up, ‘-‘ scales down and the ‘0’ resets the scale.
    The existing value is shown as a smaller square, as if it has a white frame (F6).
    Whenever a swatch is selected then the white frame shows which swatch it is.

    If the cursor is moved over this grid then the values are displayed (A1).The top left Original and Corrected swatches show the existing value of the named color and the corrected shows the new value once a choice has been selected.The Setup options gives the choices of how to build the tuning swatch for your printing and selected a split that is closest to the required color.Dimensions
    Relates to the swatch tune within the three dimensional gamut available from the PMM. 3D, 2D, 1D.Variation
    The choice between two color spaces do define the grid:-
    Lab (Lightness, Green to Red, Blue to Yellow)
    LCh (Lightness, Chroma, Hue).
    This choice changes the naming convention on the grid quantity and differences described below.Patch Size
    Defines the physical size of the swatch scale from 10mm to 50mm.Step Size
    Defines the amount of color shift between each swatch.

    Refers to the quantity of swatches.

    Horizontal, Vertical and Page.
    Horizontal, and Vertical sets the two orientations within the tuning Swatch, whilst the Page gives the choice to use more than one page.

    Enables the swatches to adhere to the printing conventions if utilising a white output.

  4. Once the setup is complete then the chart can be Printed and / or Exported.
    Print sends the grid to the machine through the RIP to be printed and evaluated. The export option allows the settings to be saved out and imported at a future date into the Calibrator, Spot Color options.
  5. The print result can then be analysed, ensuring you have the correct lighting conditions and target to match to. This can be done manually or by utilising the Photo spectrometer.
  6. Once the choice is made click the required co-ordinate that matches the hard copy to the chart within the Tune panel. This will select this swatch, and be visible in the ‘Current’ swatch in the top left.
  7. Clicking OK will then load this amendment and ensure that if the named color is used within this PMM it will output using your adjustment in all subsequent jobs.

The image below shows a custom setup for PANTONE Warm Red C and swatch D6 chosen. The Current swatch shows the same as the highlighted swatch information after printing two pages in 3D with the LCh variant, a patch size of 50mm, Horizontal Chroma set to a step of 5 and 12 swatches, Vertical Hue also set to a step of 5 and 12 swatches, Page Lightness set to 1 over 2 pages and the White set to Under Color.


Updated on May 19, 2022

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