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Setting up a Queue in the RIP

Alternatively to printing single jobs in the Editor, you can create automated file processing queues (with a hotfolder) in the RIP.
To be able to create a queue, you need a PMM for your printer. Each printer in PrintFactory RIP can have several file processing queues.
        Setting up a printer with automated file processing queues in PrintFactory RIP.
On the Layout tab of the Queue Properties, you can add a Job Label to include job-specific information, for example which color profile has been used, or you can print a job control strip. To assemble your own job labels, use the Job Label dialog in the File menu (> Generate Job Label).
On the Input tab (3), you can set up the color management settings. These settings will be used when the input files are directly added to the queue. On the Output tab, you can select the media and the print mode for your printer. Furthermore, you can define the spot color handling by selecting the spot color libraries you want to apply in the queue.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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