Server Status

Check if the PrintFactory Cloud servers are online. Only for 200 OK response the RIP will use Logging Server. If the response is not 200 OK the RIP will consider the API offline and stop sending messages.
Request Headers:
MisKey : see Authentication
HardwareHash : see Authentication
SerialNumber : see Authentication
ApplicationVersion : see Authentication
Content type of the response is in JSON format but this can be changed by the request client using accept request headers (ex. for XML format accept: application/xml)

  • 200 OK : “Logging Server is running.”


  • 401 Unauthorized : {“Message”: “Invalid MisKey”}
  • 401 Unauthorized : {“Message”: “Invalid HardwareHash”}
  • 401 Unauthorized : {“Message”: “”MisKey” or “HardwareHash”, “SerialNumber” and “ApplicationVersion” header required”}
  • 500 Internal Server Error : {“Message”:”Internal Server Error”}
Updated on May 19, 2022

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