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RIP to PrintFactory Cloud Communication

To configure the bi-directional communication between RIP and the cloud platform, the following steps have to be performed:

  • Enable the Data Collection on your license. For this, go to the Manage license page, and set Data Collection to ON.
  • Type ‘I agree’ in the bottom text box of the Data Policy in order to enable the Data Collection


  • Perform a license update from the License Info application

One of the following problems may be encountered in the communication between the RIP and the cloud application if the setup is not performed properly:

  • The error message “Data Collection license option message is off” is displayed.
          When this message is encountered in RIP, make sure that Data collection is enabled in the cloud application and restart the RIP.
  • The error message “The license has expired or the support period has been exceeded”.
        One of the situations described in the error message is encountered. In this case, please contact your dealer.
  • “Job server Offline” or “Cloud application unreachable” are displayedscreen-shot-2017-12-01-at-14-12-02
          In this situation, please contact the support team.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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