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Recalibrating the Printer Profile

Recalibration is the process of adjusting the existing MX or VISU printer profile to the color shift that this printer has gone through. This color shift can have various reasons:

  • Changing environmental conditions
  • Degrading print heads
  • Differences in media quality

Recalibration will bring the profile back to its original ‘Golden State’

When to recalibrate

You need to recalibrate the printer profile in the following cases:

  • When you notice a color shift in your print
  • When the printer shifts in such a way that the prints are out of tolerance of the ISO specifications

How to recalibrate the printer profile

Proceed as follows:

  1. In Calibrator, select the profile you wish to re-calibrate.
  2. Click recalibrate PMM .screen-shot-2017-11-15-at-13-13-39
  3. Walk through the PMM settings and the quality criteria by clicking next.
  4. Print off the Iteration 1 Test chart.
  5. Measure the test chart.
  6. You can evaluate the re-calibration by the displayed average and maximum dE and dL values.  The profile statistics (dE, dL, da and db) can be viewed.
  7. Finish to accept, or select Optimize to perform another iteration.

Delete the iterations you no longer wish to keep and finish the process leaving the best iteration.

Updated on May 19, 2022

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