Quick Production Bar

The Quick Production bar is located directly below the menu bar and the control panel.

It gives access to the following settings:
  • Document size and orientation (1)
  • Printer/Media/Mode (PMM) & profile variants (2)
  • Cutting settings (3, if a cutter is configured)
  • Submit job settings (4, Layout tool)\

Document Size


The document size settings allow to define the horizontal or vertical dimension of the document.
  • To resize the document unproportionally, unlink height from width and enter the horizontal and vertical dimension.
  • To resize all objects proportionally to fit the document size, select Scale Objects.
  • Click the landscape / portrait icon to change the orientation of the document.

PMM settings

  • To send a job to a printer, you need to select a PMM and a profile variant. If no profile is available
    for the selected PMM, a profile will be calculated on-the-fly.
  • To access the Driver Settings, click the gear wheel button in the top right corner.
  • If you experience paper feed irregularities, you can compensate the paper feed using the Media Size Compensation functionality.
Cutting settings
  • Choose your cutter and media from the drop-down lists.
  • Click the Driver Settings button to define cutting related settings that are not covered by the PMM such as “cut after”, or the cutting pressure.

Submit Job

In the job submission dialog (Layout), you can define final layout settings for your job such as nesting, tile positioning, or image marks.
  • Click submit  in the Quick Production bar to finalize your job in the Layout tool.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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