Profiling Wizard

Ink Bleeding

Previous steps

Make sure you have completed the previous steps:

  • Specifying the printer profile name and info
  • Printer linearisation
  • Select printer gamut and adjusting ink limits
  • Dot-gain

Evaluating Managed Output

Evaluate the effects of the proposed ink limits and linearization on the behavior of the target printer setup/media combination.
The ink bleeding chart demonstrates ink usage as limited by the previous steps in this procedure. Visual examination is the basis for further limiting ink usage.
Proceed as follows:
    1 Load target media in the printer.
    2 Click Print to produce the ink bleeding chart. PrintFactory starts a print job named Inkbleeding.
    3 Examine the ink bleeding chart immediately, without waiting for it to dry.
        Study the patches from right to left (more ink to less ink). Paying particular attention to identify physical problems, such as:
            • Obviously wet
            • Dry, but too thick (too wet on application)
            • Non-uniform in gloss
            • Mottled
            • Sticky
            • Swollen
            • Single ink limit:
                Judging the target from right to left, look for uniformity issues, bleed, mottling, matting effects and other visual artifacts. When detected check the name of the primary inks associated with the lines that show problems and limit the ink in the linearization faze (in the beginning of the procedure).
            • Total ink limit:
                judge from right to left until the patches show no physical problems like drying, smudging, uniformity issues, bleeding, mottling, matting effects etc. then check the % to fill in in the Wizard.
    4 Identify the first patches at which the above problems do not occur anymore.
    5 Enter the value of this column for the ink limit.
    6 Click Next to get to the next wizard step.


Color engine

Make sure you have completed the previous steps:

  • Specifying the printer profile name and info
  • Printer linearization
  • Select printer gamut and adjusting ink limits
  • Dotgain
  • Ink Bleeding

Third-party color engine

Generate the ICC target for the compensated printer setup/media combination.
Proceed as follows:
  1. From PrintFactory, obtain the ink limit that the third-party application of your choice should use for generating the ICC target.
  2. Through the third-party application, generate the ICC target using the ink limit.
  3. Load media in the printer.
  4. In PrintFactory Calibrator, click Choose to import and print the ICC target.
  5. Browse to and select each of the files that comprises the ICC target.
  6. Through the third-party application, use the spectrophotometer to measure the color patches in the ICC target.
  7. Generate the ICC profile:
        • Through the third-party application of choice, generate the profile.
        • Through PrintFactory, import the generated profile.


Updated on May 19, 2022

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