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About Calibrator and Printer Profiles (PMM)

About printer profiles

PrintFactory controls the output of inkjet printers through the use of printer profiles or PMMs (Print Media Mode). Printer profiles optimize output for printing and proofing applications by:
    • Maximizing the color accuracy and quality of printed output
    • Minimizing consumed quantities, and costs, of ink
A printer profile targets a highly specific combination of driver settings for a printer model (the “printer setup”) and media. Each printer profile bundles interdependent information into a neat package. Bundled information includes:
    • Printer model-specific driver settings
    • Compensation data for ink limits and linearization
    • A custom-generated ICC profile

About Calibrator

Using PrintFactory Calibrator, you can create and maintain custom printer profiles that target user-defined printer setup/media combinations. If you do so, you will need to calibrate your printer. Calibration comprises the following major steps:
    1 The calibration process proper describes unmanaged and managed behaviors of the target printer setup/media combination by:
        • Measuring unmanaged output, to capture nonlinearized results.
        • Modeling ink limits and linearization, to optimize managed output.
    2 The characterization process generates a custom ICC profile by:
        • Measuring managed output, to capture linearized results.
        • Generating and recording lookup data required for color conversion.
The Calibrator module allows for the creation of (VISU DeviceLink) ICC color profiles or MX (GMG) color profiles.
Both ICC and MX can be tightly controlled and tuned.

MX and ICC

MX converts the source CMYK to the destination CMYK retaining all four channels.
(VISU DeviceLink) ICC converts the source CMYK into a LAB color state and converts back to a CMYK

Printer profiles and PrintFactory Queues

Each PrintFactory queue uses one printer profile. Many queues can use the same profile. Aurelon provides a library of printer profiles that target standard printer setup/media combinations.
Many printer manufacturers make ready made profiles on approved media available to download.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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