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PrintAgent Support for DFE’s

PrintAgent (PA) is a service that can be installed on Windows or Linux operating systems on the DFE of a printer or cutter.  It functions as a local application, allowing remote RIPs to access local files on the DFE and spool files to the local hard drive without setting up sharing and access rights.   PrintAgent feeds back to the RIP: 

  • Job status
  • Copy count
  • Ink and media consumption – depending on the printer

PrintAgent enables for the SwissQPrint drivers additional features: more info here

There is also a lightweight version of PrintAgent that is used for Job Status Tracking only.

Below is a list of printers and cutters that use PrintAgent

Device PrintAgent
KornitRequired – Windows
Zund Cut CenterOptional for Job Tracking – Windows
SwissQPrintRequired – Windows
Durst AlphaOptional – Linux Lightweight
HP FB1x000 SeriesRequired (when RIP is not on DFE) Windows
IncaRequired – Windows
VutekOptional – Linux Lightweight

Download PA for Windows 

Download PA for Linux



The process for Windows is fairly straightforward:

  1. Move the installer to the desktop of the Printer or Cutters Digital Front End. Make sure not to install PA on the RIP pc.
  2. Run the PA installer.
  3. Go to RIP, File -> Output device -> New and select the driver.
  4. Add the IP address of the printer/ cutter
  5. select the screen icon left of the and then browse to the folder you wish the output fils to go to.


  1. Copy the downloaded PrintAgent.py file on the Desktop directory of the Linux DFE.
    Note: the installer will be automatically removed once installation is complete. Make copy if desired.
  2. Creat a PrintAgent directory at the home location (path would be .e.g /home/vutek01)

  3. Open Terminal app
  4. Type: cd Desktop and click enter
  5. type: sudo python PrintAgent.py and click Enter
  6. type : Yes (to accept license) and click Enter
  7. Type /home/vutek01/PrintAgent and click Enter

To change the settings it is easiest to uninstall the PrintAgent  install PrintAgent again.

Updated on November 10, 2023

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