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‘Print mode not supported’ on HP printers


This message could have 2 reasons, either:

  • a certain print mode built for a certain printer has been changed or deleted.  Consequently, the mode does not match up with the profile used
  • a certain print mode has been updated via HP firmware or Printfactory software updates. E.g. earlier versions of Latex and Z’s.

How to fix

We fix this by rebuilding the HP UniLibs and comms libraries between the software and the printers:

1. close RIP
2. go to the HP Caches folder in
Windows:    C:/Users/Public/PrintFactory or
        MAC:            Users/Shared/PrintFactory 
3. rename this folder by putting a dash or underscore in front
4. re-boot RIP to rebuild the libraries (can take a few minutes).

Updated on May 19, 2022

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