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Preparing Windows OS for Clean Installation

Before making a clean installation you must be 100% certain that your Cloud connectivity is intact, this is to ensure your resources(profiles, cut marks and others) and backups are uploaded to the Cloud. Failure to do so could result in the loss of your data if you perform the steps below. You can check your Cloud connectivity in the Software Manager by ensuring two green ticks as per the screenshot below. If you are not certain, please contact support at support@printfactory.cloud

Software Manager

Next you should check that the RIP uploads are complete:

RIP Uploads

1. First make a backup of your settings: RIP > Edit Menu -> Backup Preferences

2.Deactivate the license: Software Manager -> Help -> Deactivate License 

3.Uninstall the current version either by using the PrintFactory installer, or from Control Panel -> Programs and Features list.

4.Delete the PrintFactory folder from C:\Program Files\

5.Delete the PrintFactory folder from: C:\Users\Public

6.Run the installer and follow the installation steps

7.Restore the backup settings in RIP: Edit Menu -> Restore preferences

Updated on January 17, 2023

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