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The Finishing tool finishing allows you to do the following:
  • Add borders (for sewing, cutting or folding)
  • Add bleed
  • Place grommets (rings and eyelets)


With the Fold option, you can introduce the extra material you need to add to provide fold, tunnel or stitch. The values introduced in the “left”, “top”, “right” and “bottom” fields will be added to the current job size. Checking the Frame option adds a line (solid, dashed or dotted) to the current job which can be used as a folding line.


With the Bleed option, you can define the amount of image you may want to print on the added extra material specified for the Fold.
  • Mirror mirrors the pixels (e.g. used when creating tunnels for flags).
  • Stretch duplicates the last pixel.
  • Solid allows you to add extra space in a solid color, for example, to create a solid border.


Note: Grommets are saved to a separate layer (Window > Layers).
Note: If you specify an invalid number of grommets with respect to their size and position, the OK button will not be available. If this is the case, change the size or position, or number of grommets.
With the Grommets option, you can add grommet marks (also referred to as eyelets) at the specified distances. You can also create your own grommet mark shape and save it for further use.
The value set in the “left”, “top”, “right” and “bottom” fields are the center of the grommet relative to the current job size. No grommets are placed, if zero (= 0) is set as value. Grommets are placed outside of the current job, if a negative value is set.
You can define the number of grommets by entering Horizontal and / or Vertical values or you specify the spacing between the grommets.
How to create custom grommet mark shapes
  1.  Create a new folder named Grommets.
  2. For Mac and Windows XP, this folder should be located in the PrintFactory installation folder, for Windows Vista and Windows 7, the Grommets folder should be created in the Public > PrintFactory folder.
    Draw the shape of the grommet.
  3. File > Save As: Save the file as PrintFactory file (*.aur) to the Grommets folder.
    The new grommet mark shape will now be available in the grommets list of the Finishing tool.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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