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Pitstop Server Handling

PitStop Server status

Enfocus PitStop Server documents may be added to a queue. If so, PrintFactory checks the latest status of the PitStop Server: If it is OK (certified without errors), a green dot will appear in Certification column in the list of jobs, even if there is no Enfocus PDF Profile on your computer which matches the PDF Profile embedded in the PitStop Server.

Printing PitStop Server information

You can include the following PitStop Server information on your proofs:
Certified PDF information printed on the proofs: Enfocus PitStop Server status, Unique Identifier Code (UID) and name of the Enfocus PDF Profile.
This PitStop Server information will be printed on the proofs:
    • Automatically, if you use the Ugra/Fogra or GATF control strip as a job ticket for your queue
    • If you use a custom job ticket and selected the option PitStop certification result when you generated it.

Exporting PitStop Server documents

The following information is included in the edit log if you export the PitStop Server:
    • Your user name
    • The Unique Identifier Code (UID)
    • The name of the printer
    • The name of the printer profile
    • The name of the reference profile
Updated on May 19, 2022

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