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Océ Colorado PMM handling

The Océ Colorado Printer has new media handling functionalities not previously seen.  Therefore we have adapted the Calibrator to support this new workflow.  This FAQ explains how this is implemented using VISU profile creation. MX is not compatible with firmware builds 1.2 and onwards.

A new Media Catalog is used by the printer to identify media characteristics.  This media catalog is managed as a ‘master’ by the RIP, each change is synchronised from the RIP to the Printer.  Therefore any new media settings needs to be defined in Calibrator before a new profile is created.

This FAQ assumes the printer has been configured in RIP and is network connected.

VISU Profiles

In VISU the new Media Catalogue is fully integrated.  So you can define or choose your media at the start of the profiling process.

Step 1

  • Click on the New VISU Profile Icon
  • Choose the Océ Colorado
  • Click New


Step 2

Select the media you want to use for the profile, or add a new one by clicking on the + icon:


Step 3

If a new media type is required you will be able to define it using the new Media Creation screen, which allows you to define your media settings:


Clicking OK will add the new Media to the list of media available and also send the new media type to the printer.

You can then continue to create your profile using the normal profile creation process.

Note:  when importing a VISU PMM for the Colorado, make sure the media is created in the printer first, then after importing the PMM, check the media in the Printer Settings in the Mode and unlock and adjust if required.
Only after printing will the media databases sync.

Updated on May 19, 2022

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