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Nesting XML Report


The Nesting XML report is send to the server at the moment a nest is created by the RIP and just before it is send to the RIP engine for rendering.

The report contains references to all the jobs it contains and the location on the output page/roll where it is placed so the report can be analysed on which parts to resend when a print is interrupted.


Node Syntax Value Attributes
 Nest <Nest GUID=”73E00DF6-a78d-11e4-8d79-0b6bb042bd74″ Name=”Nest_MyPrinter_2015-01-09 – 10.04.30″>
Contains a list of Job nodes representing pages of jobs that are nested in this nesting job. GUID : Unique ID of the nesting job. Further printing and spooling events will refer to this GUID.
Name : Formatted string starting with “Nest_” and followed by:

  • Printer name
  • Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
  • Time 24h (hh.mm.ss)
 Job <Job Name=”imac_512″ X=”800.440002″ Y=”0″ InputPage=”4″ OutputPage=”1″>62636762-a78d-11e4-8d79-0b6bb042bd74</Job> The GUID that refers to the job from which the page is taken. The GUID of the job can by an automatic generated unique ID or a provided job ID (specified by the XML that is added to the input hot folder/connector). Name : Name of the job
X : Horizontal position from the left in 1/18th of an inch.
Y : Vertical position from the top in 1/18th of an inch.
Width: Width on the output in 1/18th of an inch.
Height: Height on the output in 1/18th of an inch.
InputPage : Page number in the originating job. 1 based.
OutputPage : Page number in the nesting job. 1 based.


<Nest GUID=”73E00DF6-a78d-11e4-8d79-0b6bb042bd74″ Name=”Nest_HP Designjet Z6100 60in Photo_2015-01-29 – 10.04.30″>
<Job Name=”imac_512″ X=”800.440002″ Y=”0″ Width=”247.5″ Height=”185.5″ InputPage=”4″ OutputPage=”1″>62636762-a78d-11e4-8d79-0b6bb042bd74</Job>
<Job Name=”Jellyfish” X=”212.440002″ Y=”0″ Width=”247.5″ Height=”185.5″ InputPage=”1″ OutputPage=”1″>631081FE-a78d-11e4-8d79-0b6bb042bd74</Job>
<Job Name=”Koala” X=”408.440002″ Y=”0″ Width=”247.5″ Height=”185.5″ InputPage=”2″ OutputPage=”1″>6466147E-a78d-11e4-8d79-0b6bb042bd74</Job>
<Job Name=”Lemonade” X=”0″ Y=”0″ Width=”247.5″ Height=”185.5″ InputPage=”0″ OutputPage=”1″>70D146E8-a78d-11e4-8d79-0b6bb042bd74</Job>
<Job Name=”Lighthouse” X=”604.440002″ Y=”0″ InputPage=”3″ Width=”247.5″ Height=”185.5″ OutputPage=”1″>727E7056-a78d-11e4-8d79-0b6bb042bd74</Job>
Updated on May 19, 2022

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