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GMG MX upgraded to VISU in v6.4

To fully support the latest OS and development technologies, from V6.4.0 onwards GMG MX is upgraded to VISU as the sole Color Engine of PrintFactory.

As VISU is aslos specifically built for this industry and share the same architectural concepts full functionality and continuity is guaranteed and explained below.

New pmm

New pmms are created with VISU. The VISU profile creation wizard is very alike to the MX wizard and consists of the same 3 main steps: linearisation, TAC (Total amount of coverage) and Target gamut calculation.

For more information on how to create a VISU profile, click here.

Existing MX pmm

Existing MX pmms can still be used and are fully functional. However, they can no longer be recalibrated. To be able to recalibrate an MX from V6.4.0. onwards, the MX needs to be converted:

  • Calibrator: select the variant of the pmm and right click
  • Convert to VISU
  • => a separate pmm is created with the same name adding VISU at the end.
Convert MX to VISU
Converted to VISU

The converted profile now uses the VISU engine and allows for recalibration, Device-Link and spot color tuning, LAT adaptation.

Note: Convert to VISU is not supported for RGB profiles and will require a new VISU pmm to be built.

Updated on May 19, 2022

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