Multi color start point

Multi color start is the option to define the entry point of a multi channel color. It is the distance from the neutral axis from where the multi channel color starts.
Typical use cases are omitting a violet from a grey background or orange from skin tones.


It is found in the variant of the pmm settings.

How to use

Per default the multi color start point is set to Automatic, meaning that it leaves the engine to decide when to introduce the multichannel color.

To change this setting, you can either directly edit the variant or add a custom variant of the pmm in Calibrator:

  • in the Mode window, select the variant for which you wish to change the start point.
  • double click the variant to edit or select + to add a new variant.

  • Give the variant a new name
  • Untick ‘Automatic’ and edit the start point -> OK
  • Save the pmm

Updated on May 19, 2022

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