Moving Objects

You can move objects by dragging them, using the arrow keys, or by entering numerical values in a panel.

Tip: Use the Snap and Align functions to help you position objects as you move them.
Moving objects by dragging (manually)
Use the Selection tool and click an object to drag it to its new position. Be sure the object is selected before you start dragging.
Moving objects with the arrow keys (nudging)
    1. Select all objects you want to move.
    2. Press the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the selected objects stepwise.
Moving objects numerically
    1. Select all objects you want to move.
    2. On the control panel of the Selection tool, enter the new position.
    3. Optional: Enter an angle for rotating the object while moving.
    4. Optional: You can also make a copy of the selected item(s) by filling in the number of copies .
Constrain the movement for more precision
Hold down the Shift key while dragging to constrain the movement of the selected object(s) along a customizable axis Preferences (General > Constrain Angle).

Updated on May 19, 2022

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