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Mimaki UCJV300 5 Layer Printing


The Mimaki UCJV300 offers a 5 layer printing mode by overprinting a total of 5 layers of color + white + blocker + white + color. Different images (or the same) can be shown on the front and back on a single sheet of media, all printable in one process.


First we need to understand how the layers are organized. See the image below to better understand this:

Now that we understand this we can look at how to achieve this in PrintFactory. First of all we need to have a PMM with an inkset including White such as CMYK+White. Now we need to open the front and rear image in Layout, activate the Double Sided option and generate the B side:

So looking at the image above, we now have the 1st Layer and the 5th Layer ready. At this point, if you wish to have a different image on the B side(5th Layer), then drag and drop the image onto the B side:

Notice in the image above, the B side (5th Layer) is now a different image. So the next step we need to initiate is the 2nd and 4th Layers, the White ink. To do this, we need set a White Ink method in Layout:

Finally, we need to switch on the 3rd Layer. This is the blocker layer that separates the 1st and 2nd layer from the 4th and 5th. To switch this on, we need to look under the Print Settings Tab in Layout and set the Layering method to Blocker:

Now that we have switched Blocker Layering on as above, we have the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Layers ready to submit to the printer.

Following the setup in the above screenshots, this is the order we would expect the Layers to print:



Updated on May 19, 2022

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