Media and Nesting

The media size set in the Media settings dialog defines the nesting size, not the media size set in a queue.

About nesting

To save media, you can ‘nest’ (i.e. combine several images) on one printed sheet.
The media settings allow to define the nesting settings for the printer. The nesting preferences are specific for all jobs sent to the printer.
The nesting will be applied on all jobs sent to the printer. It will only combine jobs with the same media type and print mode and reference profile (when originating from a proofing queue).
Jobs that are going to be nested will stay in the active print job list until the nesting criteria are met. As soon as the criteria are met all jobs that are nested together will start printing and show a progress bar. The nesting layout can be inspected by double-clicking a job that is currently waiting to be nested.

To load a roll

Proceed as follows:
    1.    Click the Load Roll button or choose File > Printer > Load roll.
        The Media settings dialog is displayed.
    2.    Under Media selection select a previously Type of media previously defined for the device, select Sizeand the Media Source input.
    3.    If the print should be nested, activate the Nesting checkbox and set the criteria for Start printing when, and under Options set the space between the nested images.
    4.    Click OK.
        To start printing a job without waiting until the nesting criteria are met can easily be done by selecting the print job and clicking the Play button.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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