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Manual Document Placement

Manual Document Placement (Layout)

Whenever you submit a job for printing, the job is opened in the Layout tool, a job submission tool with basic positioning and cuttting functionalities and integrated special ink support. You can generate job copies and scale them, so that you can easily print different sizes of an artwork in one go.
The Layout tool is also available in the RIP and allows to open already nested / printed jobs to change the job layout by adjusting all kinds of parameters such as the way images are rotated and cut.

Submitting a job in the Editor.

Media control panel
The control panel directly below the main menu bar displays the selected Media Size and the feed type.
You can add Margins and Colorbars to ensure that the work is printed according to your printer’s technical properties.
You can undo and redo an unlimited number of actions by clicking the undo / redo buttons.
You can select a Priority for the job, for example Expedite, to shift jobs in the printing queue of the RIP according to your requirements.
Jobs list 
All job pages or tiles are displayed as thumbnails in the Jobs list. You can click on each listed job to display its properties on the control panel. You can adjust these properties, for example, rotate and scale a job.
Alignment / Nesting 
Marks / Labels
On the Marks panel, you can add a label / control strip / image mark, add bleed and define a border. The marks and borders can be applied and customized for each job separately. In the Tiles group, you can add alignment / overlap lines and determine the overlap range.
Printer Settings
This panel presents the driver settings of the selected PMM. Check to ensure the cutting and special ink settings (if available) are correctly defined.
Cutting settings
On the Cutting pannel, you can define a cutter (e.g. Fotoba) and the corresponding cutting marks.
Navigation panel
Use the zoom percentage to get a good overview on your job, or to zoom in for details. The scroll buttons help you to navigate through the pages of a job.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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