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Local XML Job Submission

It is possible to submit jobs to a PrintFactory RIP using a local hotfolder and XML.

PrintFactory uses an internal XML structure which is consistent throughout the system (local and cloud).  You can see how the XML should be structured by opening a saved layout template and working with the different nodes, or by opening the settings.xml in a ripped files work folder.  You need to know the GUID of the file to do this (which can be retrieved from the job details in the cloud).

Current Limitations:

  • The submission only works on Windows Hotfolders/RIPs. The Mac version is currently in development.
  • There is no way to get a status message back from the RIP, though you can get this via the cloud. The local method is a submit and forget approach.

Two files are attached to this post which show an example XML with the associated image – which can be used for testing purposes. You can find full documentation on the structure of the XML here:

Job XML Definition

Example XML/PDF

[fileaway sub=”XML_Examples”]

Updated on May 19, 2022

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