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License registration and online activation

The license is registered during the license creation by the dealer or when a license voucher is used to activate.

When a license is created and registered to the customer, the user assigned as the license manager will receive a ‘Welcome to PrintFactory’ email.

  1. The ‘Welcome to PrintFactory’ email invites the customer to login to https://app.printfactory.cloud using the provided user name and password.
    Example of ‘Welcome to Printfactory’ email sent to the registered user.
  2. In the Support tab, selecting Downloads, the user will be able to download the latest installer for Windows or Mac.  The one displayed confirms the OS of the pc.  Selecting Other Versions (top right) shows the alternative OS installer.
  3. At the end of the installation wizard, the use can activate the license using the same login details as per the Welcome email.
  4. Once the license is activated, Software Manager opens up and shows the license configuration.  The RIP can now be started.



Updated on May 19, 2022

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