Layout Properties

To set the layout properties of a PrintFactory Queue

Proceed as follows:
  1. Double-click the PrintFactory Queue of your choice.
  2. Make sure that the correct Queue type is selected.
  3. Click the Layout tab.
  4. Set the layout properties of the PrintFactory Queue:
    • Media selection
    • Resize
    • Position
    • Marks
    • Mirror
    • Automatic job rotation
    • Template
    • Job ticket

Media selection

    1.    If necessary, select the size of the media loaded in the printer, or select a custom media size. If you do not replace the default setting <Specified by Job>, users must specify a paper size for every individual job processed by this queue.
    2.    Select the feed method from the Paper source list. The default setting — Tray, Roll, or Manual — is determined by printer make and model. If there is potentially more than one paper source of the selected type, the actual source is determined by the combination of paper size and availability.


You can select one of the following Resize options:
Trim white area around job

The white areas around a job can be trimmed automatically, from queue. The option can be enabled by going to Queue > Layout > Resize and checking the “Trim” option.


This allows the RIP to re-layout impositioned jobs when the jobs are sent directly in the hotfolder or when the jobs are sent to a queue registered as printer via a third party application.


Select the position on your media where you want to print the file. Observe the tips in the More info area.


You can select one of the following marks and specify the length of the marks:


PrintFactory mirrors printing in the horizontal direction. You typically select this option:
  • To compensate for mirrored plates of 1-bit source files
  • To print on the back of transparent material

Automatic job rotation

PrintFactory can automatically adapt the orientation of your jobs to economize on media.


You can lay out and print multiple copies of a document as defined in a template. You may want to do this, for example, to create a photo contact sheet or a photo album sheet.
You can select one of the templates in the list. The templates you see here are stationery files (*.st3). You find these files in the PrintFactory\Templates folder.
For Mac and Windows XP this folder is located in the PrintFactory installation folder, for Windows Vista and Windows 7 either in the individual user’s folder or in the public folder.
You can use PrintFactory Editor to create your own templates.

Job ticket

A job ticket can be:
  • A media wedge or control strip
  • Job-specific information
A job ticket is appended to the bottom of each print job. You can use one of the predefined print jobs that come with PrintFactory  for example the PrintFactory control strip, or you can generate your own job ticket. The job tickets which you generate are saved in the <Path>\Public\PrintFactory\Tickets folder.
Select the job ticket of your choice from the list.
If the PrintFactory Certify! option is licensed, you can measure the FOGRA or IDEAlliance media wedges to verify that the colors of the proof are within industry-standard or user-defined tolerances. PrintFactory:
  1. Compares the colors of the patches of the media wedge to points in the reference profile.
  2. Determines whether delta E values are within the limits defined by the chosen standard (ISO or custom).
Updated on May 19, 2022

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