Interior Decoration

Note: If you have licensed the Interior Decoration option, you can easily generate patterns in several layers and create your own Colorways.
With the Step & Repeat tool and Colorways, you can easily layout a repeating series of objects and create templates which can be repurposed for any other design. Multiple patterns can be created on multiple layers and thus combined. The document is displayed as it will be printed (WYSIWYG).
The following example will show you how to use the Step & Repeat tool to create patterns und use Colorways to explore several colorations in one job.
How to create a wallpaper pattern
  1. Open a file with a graphic object separated into all channels you want to colorize with different colors.
  2. Open the Output panel and Color List from the Window menu.
  3. Select a spot color library on the Color List.
  4. Drag spot colors from the Color List to the listed channels on the Output panel to colorize the object.
  5. Save the resulting Colorway by clicking the Colorway button on the Output panel (> New Colorway).
  6. Create another Colorway by dragging other spot colors to the channels. Now you can change the colors with one mouse-click by switching the Colorways.
  7. File > Document Setup: Change the document size to wallpaper dimensions, e.g. 0,5 m x 10 m.
  8. Optional: Reduce the size of the image.
  9. Select the Step & Repeat tool from the Tools panel.
  10. Select a pattern option on the control panel of the Step & Repeat tool. The image is repeated as defined by the pattern option.
  11. Define the step spacing, for example 1 / 2.
                                  Creating a wallpaper with the Step & Repeat tool in Editor.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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