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Installing the spectrophotometer

When do you need a spectrophotometer?
You need spectrophotometers to perform the following tasks:
  • Creating printer profiles
  • Recalibrating printers that have fallen out of calibration
  • Certification of jobs

Supported spectrophotometers

PrintFactory supports the following spectrophotometers, and any others identified on app.printfactory.cloud.
Manufacturer Models
Barbieri Spectro LFP, LFPqb, Swing, SpectroPad, 50xy
HP Designjet
Metis SURF 3D, DRS series
X-Rite i1 Pro, i1 Pro v2, i1 Pro 3, i1 Pro 3 Plus, i1iO, i1iSis, i1iSis XL
For other supported devices please refer to PrintFactory Calibrator. You or your PrintFactory reseller (if they are the actual user of the device) should install necessary driver software on the PrintFactory computer if it is a Windows PC. Refer to the installation instructions of the respective spectrophotometer.
Updated on January 23, 2023

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